Ncamie Motsa

our Founder

Ncamie Motsa has always been intrigued by the mysteries of life from an early childhood she would dream things before they showed up in real life. She started consuming as much information around unconventional knowledge in her late teens, reading psychology books that she could get her hands on such as; palm readings, she was fascinated by the idea that you could tell someone’s personality through their handwriting, went on to card readings and so forth.

She continued to read personal development books and it was not until 2012 where she made a conscious decision to stop being a victim in some areas of her life, she knew that there must be more to life than what she had experienced up to that time. She actively started investing more time, money and energy in her personal development, taking up courses and workshops from various local and international esoteric, human behaviourists and leadership development teachers and she experienced great shifts in her life. She finds delight in human development which has led to the birth of Liifa.

Parellel to that Ncamie’s solution focused personality has led to her holding a number of senior management positions in her tenure including managing the day to day running of some of the largest Social Media and CRM data agencies in SA.

With over 14 years experience in the advertising/digital industry she worked across as a senior project manager on medium to large projects with local and international clients.

Her strong skillset lie in operations, project management, finance and people development and management.

She has come full circle, prior to her career in advertising she co-owned a thriving hair and beauty business that serviced the elite of the arts and entertainment industry and enjoyed coverage of their work being featured on CNN, Television, Fashion Week, local and international magazines.