Your service is lifesaving. Thank you for helping me connect with my inner self and face all my fears. I came to you with less hope of making it out of life, today am here with peace, happy and grateful for life. May God give you more strength and power to help other people like us. 🙌🙌🙌🌟🌟🌟🌟😘😘😘


Ncamie helped me release trauma from childhood in a gentle way. Very professional and it also helped with sleep issues I had for a long time. I recommend her to anyone who wants to better thier life in anyway, the easy way. She is also patient and explains clearly every step of the process.

Lerato N

I had a great learning experience when I did the TRE-sessions with Ncamie. She is professional, respectful and exercises an endearing rapport with clients. It makes it easier to go through your journey under her guidance as a coach.


I had thought that where I was in life was it for me but attending your HPV workshop gave me a new lease on life and the courage to step up for myself and made me see the opportunities I have. I now see the value in investing in myself because I matter and how it benefits others.
The stomach cramps I had when I came in for the reiki sessions are now completely gone, thank you.

Karen Kirtland

Thank you for the reiki session, it was amazing and really insightful, a lot has been falling into perspective ever since the session. The session really allowed me to dig deep into my past mistakes and past pains that I had felt which I feel I was supressing subconsciously; it was also very relaxing, and things are slowly starting to balance out.


Something strange happened after the lower back-pain energy clearing which I have kept to myself until now, the anger I had towards my cousin since we were kids which extended to my aunt and grandmother is gone. I used to get angry even at the mention of her name and it is all gone, I wish I could go home now and be with my family, talk to my cousin and go see my aunt and grandmother’s graves which is something I never wanted to do in the past. I am so happy, thank you so much. I feel that things are going to be different going forward in a good way.

N Mokoena

I started sleeping better and feeling rested after my second clearing session. The heaviness and pain I had in my heart is now gone, my spirit feels free and light, I feel a glimpse of joy in my heart. I had been unhappy for too long and all I want now is to be happy in my life. Thank you so much, I appreciate what you’ve done for me


I had the honor of attending the Breathing, TRE and movement workshop with Ncamie and it was insightful. I experienced a gentle yet profound shift from the exercises we did. Ncamie is knowledgeable in the said field. And while I’ve experienced a couple of breathwork sessions I was still moved by the breathing exercise. It’s crazy how we take breathing for granted yet it’s the thing that keeps us alive. Truly nourishing and gentle session ❤️


I would like to send my gratitude for your amazing work! I'm still in awe, especially because so many things are being revealed, and it all started with something as simple as breathing!
The Use Your Body’s Intelligence to Heal Your Body workshop was an awakening for my mind, body, and spirit! I have been praying for healing, and I know I’m definitely on the right path! It's nothing but a beautiful experience! I am grateful and thankful for people like you Ncamie!


I had thought that where I was in life was it for me but attending your HPV workshop gave me a new lease on life and the courage to step up for myself and made me see the opportunities I have. I now see the value in investing in myself because I matter and how it benefits others.


Attending your workshop has given me courage to face my fears and the desire to do better for myself. Digging deep within myself has strengthened my confidence and belief in myself. I am now able to speak with confidence and with clarity.


Attending the HPV event gave me a new outlook on life, it helped me believe in myself and see the value in me and what I offer to others.


Ncamie was very attentive, very patient and was extremely professional.

Nosi Ntabeni

Working with Ncamie is amazing, immediately when you get into her space there is positive energy flying all over, she's a warm and welcoming soul, not to mention that there are massive results in the exercises and the service she provides. Still in the process, I trust the process, I'm better than before, mentally, emotionally and physically, the weight has definitely been relieved.


I started TRE, Love Alignment & shoulder pain clearing sessions because I have a stressful job, I had also gone through traumatic personal events that I was worried would change who I was. I don't believe in pills, I also knew it wasn't something a psychologist would sort out, it was serious personal stuff. I love that it is not intrusive, it's like you are dealing with yourself, the facilitator is just there to guide you. I couldn't believe how much comes up, it's like clearing chapters in your life to move on. I see the change, I am more aware of my body and emotions, and I see the great things that are coming, I feel, see, give, and receive love more. Ps .. you have to be ready to deal with yourself.

Tebogo Kgobokoe, Strictly Come Dancing Judge, Dance Queen of Africa, World Dance Adjudicator, Dance Coach

I had the pleasure of partaking in TRE sessions with Ncamie and it was such an honour to have her guide me through the sessions. She’s knowledgeable and experienced in what she teaches. A great listener and adviser in her chosen field.
The power that is TRE is shifting, moving and realigned ones-self is a true marvel. Exercises one would consider small have such a great ability to make a significant difference in a person’s life. I really hope that TRE could be more readily available as physiotherapist not only in healing but also a daily maintenance practice to reset from everyday life. Ngiyabonga Ncamie.


Thank you Ncamie for walking me through the TRE therapy sessions. My first 3 sessions were quite exhausting since my body was busy releasing all the trauma and tension that it's been holding on to but from weeks 4 to 6 life just started to feel much lighter, this form of therapy has turned out to be more effective for me.


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