Join us on a 5 month journey to heal our womb enabling you to create from a place of love and more. Or join us for a monthly breathing session in the comfort of your home. 


The womb is the seat of our creativity, sexuality, and sensuality. It is the essence of life force, governs our emotions, pleasure, fun, and our ability to receive. Sadly, many of us are disconnected from our womb, some women loathe, others dread their periods for various reasons and go as far as seeing it as an inconvenience or curse and the list goes on….

Join us in a 5-month journey to heal our womb enabling us to

  • create from a place of love
  • create a better relationship with our womb and tap into our inner wisdom
  • heal womb related issues
  • By healing your womb, you are also gifting this healing to your bloodline and future generations.

Investment: R4,000 once off or R800 p/m over 5 months

EFT Payment: Liifa Pty Ltd | FNB Acc 62816369260 | Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Starts 4 March 2021