TRE® - Tension/Trauma Release

Our past, childhood, current trauma and unresolved emotional wounds affects how we conduct ourselves and how we engage with others in personal and professional relationships. These create barriers in achieving the life you desire and living to your full potential. 

TRE® helps release tension, stress, trauma and unresolved emotional wounds which cause dis-ease/disharmony in the body. These can show up as depression, anger, anxiety, chronic stress, chronic pain/illness, PTSD, grief, relationship conflicts, sleep difficulty, lethargy and more.

TRE® also aids in healing old injuries, improving relationships, bringing balance and harmony and promotes overall wellbeing without having to relive the events that cause the trauma or unresolved emotional wounds.

Available as individuals, couples, and group sessions. We also offer company employee wellness & wellbeing programs that can easily integrate with your wellness programs.